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Lancaster Software is a provider of computer software development services.

Since incorporation in 1984, we have produced high quality business solutions, either providing a complete system, or working as team members on larger projects.

Sun Certificated Java programming services can be provided, together with a great deal of expertise using SQL (Sybase, SQL-Server, MySQL, Oracle etc.), XML, XSLT, XPath and Web essentials such as HTML, Javascript, CSS, the Apache Web server; also Web component development using servlets and JSP technologies of the Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and the Tomcat application server.

All aspects of object-oriented system analysis and design, implementation, test and deployment can be undertaken. If you need skills to work with legacy systems or embedded systems, we have many years experience of developing real-time systems using C, assembler and machine code for deployment on on a variety of platforms, e.g. Unix (various variations including Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X), Microsoft Windows.

Although on-site development services can be provided, we have invested significantly in premises and equipment so that we can provide the services clients require from our own offices, thus relieving clients of the burden and associated costs of providing office space .

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