Racing Post Page Make-Up


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Table of Contents

Racing Post Page Make-Up


Database Schedule

QuarkXPress XTension - Table Boxes

QuarkXPress XTension - Schedule

QuarkXPress XTension - Page Layout Export

Quark XTension (continued) - Page Layout Export

Page Make-up - Overview

Page Makeup Step 1a - Prepare Schedule

Data Flows 1

Data Flows 2

Data Flows 3

Page Make-up Step 1b - Page Definitions

Page Make-up Step 2,3 - Table Generation

Page Make-up Step 4 - Controlling FIP

Page Make-up Step 5 - FIP produces EPS files

Page Make-up Step 6 - Composite Table EPS files

Page Make-up Step 7 - Composite Page EPS files

Page Make-up Step 8 - The OPI function

Author: Keith Lancaster

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Other information:
Lancaster Software Limited was responsible for the design of the Racing Post newspaper production system described in this presentation and was also responsible for the implementation of major components of the system.