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Clients big and small, household names and others are less in the public eye. Here are some of them.....

Birmingham Post & Mail Bleep Computing
Financial Times Racing Post
St Saviours Tewkesbury Data Services
Trinity Mirror

Birmingham Post & Mail

Advert Performance Monitoring Module. Design and implementation of a Lotus Notes staff availability database and a Java Swing application which provided graphical and tabular displays of staff availability and quantities and categories of adverts processed and waiting to be processed. Details of adverts were obtained from a Sybase database using Open Client software via a bespoke Java Native Interface program.


Bleep Computing

Software written in C and assembler to communicate with proprietary cash registers. Enhancements to cash register firmware (machine code) to add features such as multiple purchase discounts and discounts on purchases of linked products.


Financial Times

A long relationship with the Financial Times has seen our development work include assembler code for the newspaper production system, a hardware "black box" complete with microcode to enable a new production system to communicate with existing phototypsetting equipment, Macintosh C projects and Java applets and applications. The Tracking System comprises unix based C software to prepare data to be displayed by the Macintosh based "PDEye" software, again written in C, which displays progress of pages of various editions of the Financial Times. Another Macintosh C program, the Graphics Release System allows users to transfer prepared graphics to the production system (OPI)


Racing Post

Designed the Newspaper Production system which was initially used to produce the Sporting Life. Had a major role in the implementation of the design, writing many complex Transact SQL stored procedures for the Sybase RDBMS, the C software to run on the Solaris server and execute database queries, the mission critical page building software which merges data with typographical styling commands and page geometry exported from Quark Xpress.

Also wrote some Java applets and server based cgi software to support them.


St Saviours

Designed and implemented the E-commerce solution which ran the very successful site from 2003 to 2008 seeing a massive increase in sales each year.

Designed and implemented 'Inet', a secure data communications system.

Designed and implemented the RSS feed advert insertion software used by St Saviours "Mediafed" brand.

Linux server administration, including database administration, firewall management.


Trinity Mirror

A system to produce TV listings for various newspaper titles, including the Daily Mirror. The system was built using Lotus Notes and Quark Xpress.


Tewkesbury Data Services

data conversion software